Nutrition Counselling

Shift Nutrition - Individual Nutrition Counselling

All services are tailored to suit the individual client and their lifestyle. Nutrition is approached as an integrated system of well-being and is worked within this system to create meaningful and enduring positive change.

Counselling sessions can be in person at the Calgary office or online via Skype.


What To Expect at Your Initial Assessment:

Nutrition Counselling

Individual – Initial Assessment (60-90 minutes) $180
Individual – Follow-up Session (50 minutes) $120

Couples – Initial Assessment (90 minutes) $240
Couples – Follow-up Session (50 minutes) $180

Work one-on-one to target your specific issues of concern and create personally customized plans that meet every individual’s needs and that positively influence people’s lives.  Sessions can also be done together with a partner or family member.


  • Eating Disorders – Work to reach individual goals of normalizing eating behaviour in a comfortable manner.  The entire spectrum of eating can be addressed such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, overeating, emotional eating and food addictions.
  • Weight Management – Individualized lifestyle changes for healthy, non-scale focussed, weight management.  Learn how to manage your weight without deprivation, will-power or shaming, by using intuitive/mindful eating skills, realistic meal planning, and regular coaching to keep on track.  Feel healthy and be happy!
  • Heart Health (blood pressure, cholesterol) – Strategies based on the latest on-going research to significantly lower cholesterol and improve heart health through manageable and enjoyable nutrition interventions
  • Sports Nutrition – Maximize your athletic performance with specific recommendations for you and your sport

Other topics that can be addressed by your nutrition expert:

  • Allergies – have a healthy diet while managing allergies or intolerances
  • Pre-Natal / Infant Nutrition – Ensure mother is providing all the building blocks for a happy and healthy baby
  • Celiac Disease – Help navigate through the maze of the gluten free diet
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – Decrease the pain and suffering of your GI upset
  • Diabetes – Work to control your chronic disease so it doesn’t control you
  • General Healthy Eating – Make changes to increase energy, prevent disease and maximize health and well-being.


The “No-Yo-Yo” Weight Management Program

The yo-yo stops here.  Shift Nutrition has a “non-dieting” weight management approach that goes beyond what has not worked in the past and helps you make realistic, but significant, lifestyle changes that can be maintained.  Healthy weight is framed around the concept of health, not a number on the scale.

Research has found that weight loss better sustained when there is on-going, one-on-one contact with a health professional.

This program includes:

  • Initial Consultation (90 min): Requires a detailed diet history and information about your risk factors for disease, lifestyle and medications. Basic training will begin during this first session.
  • Four ½ Hour Follow-up Consultations: Each follow-up consultation will further build your nutrition knowledge, develop various strategies for on-going problem spots, and provide support along the path to your healthier body and soul.
  • Further follow-up consultations can be added.
  • Package must be used in 6 month time frame for effectiveness and consistency.



Computerized Dietary Analysis and Meal Planning

A detailed computer analysis of your diet can give you an in-depth look into the individual nutrients and calories your diet provides. This is compared to what is recommended for you and for your level of activity.
This program includes:

  • Initial Consultation (90 min): Requires a detailed diet history, including information about your risk factors for disease, lifestyle and medications.
  • Between sessions:
    • Diet Analysis – Your current diet will be analyzed and compared with the recommended nutrient intakes your sex and age for total calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat and all vitamins and minerals.
    • Meal Planning – A week of customized, planned meals with your preferences and dietary needs will be developed with corresponding recipes.
  • One ½ hour Consultation: The complete computerized diet analysis from your detailed diet history is reviewed. Recommendations based on the results will optimize your intake to reach your goals of minimizing risk for disease, weight loss/gain, or other target.