New Year's Resolutions.. here we go again!

Today I’m going to chat about New Year’s Resolutions. Have you been inundated with as much New Year’s resolution stuff as we have been?? How many people do a “cleanse” or a “detox” for January? Please answer me this – why do we need a detox from the holidays? Aren’t the holidays supposed to be filled with family, friends, and cheer? What exactly are we detoxing from? The answer is always food, and this is related to food guilt that so many people experience due to the diet culture of our society. Fad diets are tempting, but we need to realize that they’re usually false promises. The best type of eating pattern is when we choose foods that nourish us, without feeling deprived or restricted.

It’s perfectly normal to enjoy ourselves and eat foods we don’t eat on a daily basis over the holidays. Or maybe you ate a few extra pieces of Purdy’s chocolate that your coworkers brought in. However – does this really warrant a detox?!

The answer is no. We have kidneys and a liver for this exact reason, and they do an incredible job of filtering all food and red wine that may have been enjoyed over the holidays. Kidneys filter our blood, and remove waste materials. Our liver and kidneys also work to eliminate the by-products of medications from our bodies, to keep us healthy. There is literally no reason to do any type of herbal detox diet in the New Year. Our organs are doing a great job on their own!

 Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, try to work on creating new habits that are life-long. Set one specific and achievable goal for yourself each week. Remember it’s about progress, not perfection! For example, if you drink 6 cups of coffee per day, try to work on reducing this to 2 cups. If you find yourself binge eating at night, try to eat regularly throughout the day to reduce urges to binge. Eating every 3-4 hours can keep our blood sugars stable, keep our mood stable, and manage hunger cues. Another simple goal could be just packing a lunch to work every day! This is a great money-saving strategy, but is also helpful for those who have busy jobs, and miss lunch due to a hectic work schedule. 


New Year Goals that can turn into life-long habits:

·       I will eat breakfast every day

·       I will eat at least one serving of vegetables per day

·       I will pack my lunch & snacks to work 3 times this week

·       I will replace some of my caffeine with decaf or herbal tea

·       I will try 1 new recipe each week

·       I will turn off distractions during meal-times (i.e. Netflix)


Goals that are not food-related, but can improve quality of life:

·       I will put my phone away for 1 hour before bed, and read a book to relax

·       I will strive for a 7-8 hours of sleep per night (or whatever amount you need to feel energized)

·       I will give more compliments to others

·       I will buy coffee for the person in line behind me

·       I will do physical activities that I truly enjoy (i.e. taking a dance class, going bowling, going for a walk with a friend)