Humans of Shift Nutrition

picture of client of Shift Nutrition

“I came into this experience with the expectation that I would learn how to lose 30 pounds. With the firm understanding that I was fat, overweight, whatever the word might be and that I needed to lose 30 lbs to become healthy. I expected to learn about what tools I could use to track, measure, weigh, control everything that I put into my body, to make it skinny. 


What I learned, instead, is that the "weight loss industry" is brainwashing people like me, into thinking that it's healthy for a 6 foot woman who works out 5 days a week to eat 1200 calories. I learned that my body, if I am mindful and start to listen, REALLY listen to it, will tell me what it wants, what it NEEDS to eat, to be healthy. And that if I let it, my body will regulate my weight to a healthy set point, for ME, and that I actually never have to count, track, measure, or weigh ever again! 


I have learned how it feels to be 'free' from the daily, even hourly obsession with what to eat next, where to hide what I want to eat, how to make myself feel better about binging, how to reward myself with food, and how to control every interaction I have with food. I have learned how freeing it feels to eat when I am hungry, to eat as food for fuel, to no longer obsess about everything I put in my mouth. I have learned how great it is to know what I want to eat based on what I like to eat, what makes me feel good, and what tastes amazing.“