Back to School Healthy Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunches Back to school means back to packing lunches!  This is a difficult endeavour if you actually want the lunches to be healthy AND have your child to eat them.

Try some of these ideas: - Get input from your children about what they want. They're more likely to eat meals when they are involved in the planning. - Create diversity by using leftovers from dinner the night before. Save some chicken breast for salad with red grapes and celery, a slice of meatloaf for a sandwich, or cooked vegetables for pasta salad with Italian dressing. - Aim to have at least 3 of the 4 food groups. This would include: a grain such as whole wheat bread, pita or crackers, a source of protein (peanut butter, meat, eggs) and/or one source of dairy (string cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese or milk), and at least one serving of fruit or vegetables. - Get creative: Use cookie cutters to carve sandwiches into fun shapes or include the fixings for "ants on a log"--aka peanut butter and raisins on celery.  Swap out bread for sandwiches for buns or tortilla wraps. - Sneak in fresh vegetables and fruits. While your child may leave a whole apple untouched, she may love diced apples in her chicken salad sandwich.  Also try cutting fruit and veggies into easy bite size pieces. - Introduce new foods gradually, pairing them with your child's favourite snacks. For example, if he loves carrots with ranch dressing, slip in some cucumber and bell peppers as well.

And if you wanna really get creative, check these awesome ideas out!