Disordered Eating and Weight Loss

To optimize your health you have to think of eating and exercise to be on a ‘normal curve’ .  You get the best results when you are in the middle of the curve, and benefits dramatically drop off at either end.  Therefore, if you eat too little or too much, you are not at your optimal health, this is also true for exercise.  Exercise too little or too much and your body does not reap any benefits.  The top of the normal curve is also rounded, so there is still quite a bit of flexibility in eating and exercising and you can remain in peak form.  The world of dieting wants you to believe that in order to get the body you want, you must do extreme measures.  The reality is that doing these things will NOT give you the results you want.  Weight goes up and down and all over the place.  Exercise every day and eat nothing, then end up binge eating for days.   Or just trying to eat as little as possible during the day still leads to failure.  Stepping on the scale, no matter what the number, is not good. 

How do we break this cycle?  Now might be the time to find out…… call Jessica today!