The Health Benefits Meatless Monday

There are so many great reasons to start Meatless Monday in your house, if you’re not already!

The Health of our Environment

The environmental impact of eating meat is quite dramatic.  Cutting the amount of meat you eat would create such positive effects on our already overburdened Earth.

Meat production produces 18-25% of the total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide!  Cattle ranches and feed production has deforested over 70% of the Amazon forest.   Meat production also requires 6 kg of plant protein to produce 1 kg of animal protein.  And it also takes 100 times more water to produce 1 kg of animal protein than 1 kg of plant protein.

The Health of our Bodies

Animal products are virtually the only way we get saturated fats in our diets.  Saturated fats increase our “bad” cholesterol, LDL.  Plant proteins such as beans and lentils have the double goodness whammy of being low in fat and very high in both soluble and insoluble fibre.  Soluble fibre helps decrease your LDL.

 Meatless Ideas

There are lots of great meals that can stand on their own without meat.  If you don’t say “vegetarian” to those that are a little hesitant about going meat-free, they’ll never notice!   I’m making a heart-warming butternut squash risotto tonight!  Other ideas are vegetarian lasagna, veggie pizza, black bean quesadillas… the options are endless!!