Humans of Shift Nutrition: together we're stronger

If you haven't seen already, we've been working on an on-going project of highlighting some of the stories and insights from our clients on our Instagram page.   We're calling it: "Humans of Shift Nutrition".  Our hope is that by showcasing what other people are thinking, feeling and experiencing throughout their journey with us, that others may see themselves in these stories and know that this is a safe place to come to share your own thoughts and feelings.


We're doing this because we know how hard it is to take the leap to see a dietitian.  And that there are many fears around what that process may be like.  We've heard many times of clients that have booked, cancelled and re-booked their appointments several times over before they made it through our door.  Often people will say they were scared of what the dietitian will tell them.  That they fear that they will have to give up their favourite foods, or that the dietitian will make them feel bad about what they're eating.

We hope that with the series Humans of Shift Nutrition, people will see that working with a dietitian is within a supportive relationship, not a threatening one.  That we hope to work with you as a human, that may like to make just a few changes.  And that you want some help from someone that understands that change is hard, but has helped others make these small changes, so maybe have a few ideas.  And that maybe you're not even sure what you want to change, but maybe there's some things that you don't like that's going on now or that your body is telling you that you need to pay more attention to it.


Another reason why we think that "Humans of Shift Nutrition" is important, is that there are some difficult topics to discuss around food.  And when people come to see us, they often feel like they're the only ones that have ever uttered these concerns, or thoughts or feelings.  We don't talk often talk honestly about what each other is actually thinking about the food we eat.  The relationships between food and feelings and how we feel in our bodies are not openly discussed.  We've just been told that certain foods are good or bad, to eat a certain way is good or bad, we're a certain type of person if we eat these foods or not these foods.  Yet, food is such an integral part to our lives, and has been throughout our lives.  So with that brings a lot of baggage with it.  Eating is a complicated task.  But we're just told we should feel bad if we don't do it perfectly or properly.  That if we have a relationship with food that isn't just "calories in, calories out" we're doing it all wrong.  Well we're here to say, we've had these discussions.  We've talked to many people about food, and while we're not the expert on you, we do our best to know everything we can about nutrition.  We don't know all the answers, but we're willing to talk them through with you.  We will offer what we know and you will offer what you know.  We think that together, we can figure out maybe something new?


So.  Here we are.  With this thing we call food.  It's a pain.  But it's also fun.  It should be something that supports us.  That comforts us.  Food should be something we share with our loved ones, but also to show we love ourselves.  We take care of our bodies by giving it food it needs, and move it around to keep it strong, hopefully for a long and full life.

Okay Okay...

So come talk to us and leave your fears behind, for us to safely dispose of them.  We aim to calm your fears and decrease your frustrations, in order to make things like eating, easier for you.  We hope that you leave our office feeling lighter and supported with the help you got in our office.  And we also hope that you continue to feel that way at home.  That you have reasonable and happy goals that you've set and feel are positive and helpful goals.

Anyway, if you're reading this and still aren't sure.... give us a call and ask us about what seeing a dietitian may be like for you... or book an appointment online, and feel free to cancel it....and rebook again when you're ready...maybe even cancel it again one last time before booking again.... we're here whenever you're ready and will be so happy to see you when you are.


HUMANS OF SHIFT NUTRITION: "The most unexpected thing for me has been the process of revealing and understanding what sits at the core of my relationship with food. I didn't want to want to go there. I think I had assumed that developing some solid eating plans and having an accountability partner were going to be the ticket, but as it turns out, that's only a portion of the story. The deeper digging and reflection around what I find easy and difficult are just as important to discover as I move forward. It's been tough at times, but it's also freeing and it feels like creating awareness will create sustainability."

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**This post has been edited a few times.  It's a difficult post, as it holds so much meaning for us and the work we do, and for our clients... so we may keep tweaking it, to get it right... in the meantime, call us and we can chat more :)