Jimmel Kimmel strikes again

This video literally made me laugh out loud.  It highlights how susceptible we are to what people (marketers) tell us about the food they want us to eat. Food industry sees that consumers are buying more "organic" foods and will capitalize on this increase in market share. The Nutrition Business Journal estimated the US organic food and beverage industry to be $29.2 billion in 2011 and project growth at 9.45 versus low single digit growth for conventional foods and beverages (Food Navigator, Daniells, S., 03-Jan-2014). Jimmy's helper takes things like ground up Skittles, Fun dip, Tang drink, and mix with water. Then gave them zenned out names like "Cure", "Detox" and "Rainbow" and offer the "health juices" to shoppers at a Farmer's Market. The shoppers then extol the benefits they feel as they drink up the corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. **Beware of tricky marketing of foods and drinks that seem too good to be true!!**

Another Jimmy Kimmel fave on what people think gluten is:

And what is a GMO?