Yeay International Women's Day!! Now let's get back to slagging on women's bodies.....

It's International Women's Day today!

While we, men and women included, are working on initiatives to create equality for the sake of both men and women, I began pondering today about what that means for me and the work I do with my clients.  

And then of course, whenever we talk about women, we somehow come to talking about their bodies.  That the female body is meant for giving life, whether or not women are allowed to choose when to give life, or choose how they want to give life, if women are allowed to sustain life in public, and then ultimately, what the heck to we think the woman's body should look like while it does all of these things.

This is where discussions in my office intersect with these seemingly never-ending conversations about women's bodies.  The questions involved usually surround: what should we eat in order to do all of these tasks, but to also look good while we do it?  But it is hard to ask our bodies to do and be all things.  I think what is best for our mind and body is to ask: "how can I support my body to do all the useful things it does, and feel good while doing it"?  Our bodies 'should' be viewed for the strength and support it provides us.  To see that it can allow us to do so many things, at times effortlessly.  And at other times with much effort, to show us how much we need our body to live and be happy.

This concept would mean having what we would call a "healthy body image".  To have a healthy body image, you can view your mind and your body as a whole.  You can see that your body ultimately wants to work for you and help you live healthy and happy.  To see that your body supports you as best it can.  That in order to do that, you need to do your share and take care of it.  But that by doing that, your body will do it's best to get you through.

This is hard in today's world where increasingly we are shown pictures of women doing everything.  Images of women looking fabulously dressed, coming home from work, greeting their children, while they bring in their organic fruits and vegetables in their pristine reusable shopping bags.   Why don't we look like that?  Why can't we do all these things and have glowing skin?  I don't think it's fair for us to continue perpetuating these ideas that this is the goal.  To do everything and somehow look fabulous while doing it.  And while there are smaller corners of people that are voicing change, the Kardashians of the world seem to just have a larger PR firm.  So no bother.  You're here reading this.   More people are in our camp.  The fake few that are trying to make it seem like they're doing everything, are in fact doing less.  They spend more time in Instagram, while you're doing what you need to do in your day.  So I say keep on, keepin' on.  Forget about this crap about your body.  Be free, be happy and love your body.

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