Frequently Asked Questions

+ What can I expect during my first visit with the dietitian?

+ What type of appointment should I book?

  • Whether or not you want to do a “Weight Management Program” or if you are coming in for any other issue, everything always starts with an “initial assessment”. So if in doubt, just go ahead and book that, and if you want to do a program or just come back in for one or two follow-up sessions, you can decide that in that first session. The initial assessment is bundled into the weight management program, so you will not be billed twice for that session.

+ Does my insurance cover your services?

  • We are private Registered Dietitians. So services are not covered under Alberta Health, but if your extended benefits plan (Manulife, Alberta Blue Cross, Sunlife, etc.) covers “Registered Dietitians” you will be able to submit the receipt from our sessions for reimbursement. Every plan is different, so you will have to check with yours to make sure this is the case. Also unfortunately, we cannot direct bill, so you will have submit this yourself. If you do not have coverage for Registered Dietitians, keep your receipts to use as a medical expense for income tax deductions.

+ Do I need a doctor's referral?

  • No. But your extended benefits plan may request this. So check with them if you’re unsure.

+ Where are you located and where can I park?

  • We are located on the 3rd floor (Suite 380) at 435 4th Avenue SW. It’s at the corner of 4th Avenue and 4th Street SW, in Downtown Calgary. There is street parking around the building. However, the nearest parking lot can be expensive. I would suggest driving a couple of blocks north, closer to Eau Claire market as there is more street parking available and the parking lots are more cost effective.