The ‘No Yo-yo’ Diet Breaking Program

Stop sign to indicate stopping weight gain

The yo-yo stops here.

This program is specifically designed for those that have tried every weight-loss program, but are tired of doing restrictive diets and then regaining the weight, and more, when life gets in the way. Or that perhaps you find that you can do really well during the day, but night-time eating is out of control. Perhaps just the thought of what you think you “should” be eating, sends you off into a tailspin of feeling out of control with your eating. Thinking that tomorrow will be the time, or Monday will be reset day. Or that you feel you spend so much time thinking about food, reading stuff on the internet, listening to friends and family and feel confused or that none of these things are working for you.

We focus on health and wellness of the person as a whole. We look at health numbers such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugars, not numbers on the scale.

What your time with us looks like:

We don’t use set scripts or meal plans with our clients. You’re a unique individual, why would we try to fit you into a box?

We will first spend lots of time to get to know you so that we understand the barriers and pressures you experience. Often we then spend time clearing through the confusing nutrition information online and talk to you about what science applies to you and how. We then work together with you to make realistic, but significant, lifestyle changes that can be maintained.

This program includes:

  • Initial Consultation (90 min): Requires a detailed diet history and information about your risk factors for disease, lifestyle and medications. Basic training will begin during this first session.

  • Four ½ Hour or Two 50 minute Follow-up Consultations: Each follow-up consultation will further build your nutrition knowledge, develop various strategies for on-going problem spots, and provide support along the path to your healthier and happier body and soul.

  • Unlimited virtual access to dietitians in between sessions via email and via connection through our app.

  • Further follow-up consultations can be added as you go.

  • Package must be used in 6 month time frame for effectiveness and consistency.

Cost: $470.00