Nutrition Counselling

All services are tailored to suit the individual client and their lifestyle. Nutrition is approached as an integrated system of well-being and is worked within this system to create meaningful and enduring positive change.

Work one-on-one to target your specific issues of concern and create personally customized plans that meet every individual’s needs and that positively influence people’s lives. Sessions can also be done together with a partner or family member.

Specialties of Shift Nutrition

Weight Management

Individualized lifestyle changes for healthy, non-scale focused, weight management. Learn how to manage your weight without deprivation, will-power or shaming, by using intuitive/mindful eating skills, realistic meal planning, and regular coaching to keep on track. Feel healthy and be happy!

Eating Disorders

Work to reach individual goals of normalizing eating behaviour in a comfortable manner. The entire spectrum of eating issues that can be addressed include anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, overeating, emotional eating and food addictions.

Heart Health

(blood pressure, cholesterol) – Strategies based on the latest on-going research to significantly lower cholesterol and improve heart health through manageable and enjoyable nutrition interventions.


Decrease the pain and suffering of your Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Additional Specialties of Shift Nutrition

Pre-Natal / Infant Nutrition – Nutritional advice for a healthy pregnancy and to best support your developing baby.

Sports Nutrition – Maximize your athletic performance with specific recommendations for you and your sport.

Celiac Disease – Help and suggestions for adapting to your new gluten free diet.

Allergies – Manage allergies or intolerances through dietary changes.

Diabetes – Work to control your chronic disease so it doesn’t control you.

General Healthy Eating – Make changes to increase energy, prevent disease and maximize health and well-being.


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