Managing Emotional Eating Online Course

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  • Does food rule your life, and you want to take your life back?

  • Do you feel like you’re thinking constantly about food?

  • Do you feel like you “know what you should do, but just can’t do it?”

  • Do you feel like you’re eating all your emotions?

  • Do you want to stop fighting your body and create an equally supportive relationship with your body as you want with your food?

Food works to calm us when we’re stressed, to soothe the pains of sadness or loneliness, it’s there for us to celebrate or reward for a job well done. Food is such an important part of our lives, that we need to create a relationship with it that supports us through all of these wonderful parts of our lives. We can learn how to keep these good aspects of food and drop the ways it isn’t working for us. We can learn to stop trying to restrict, to only later binge or feel out of control. To stop feeling frustrated, disappointed and guilty, but to feel safe, free and supported.

Our online course is facilitated by Jessica Begg. Jessica Begg is a Registered Dietitian that has been working in the area of disordered eating for almost 15 years. Her work continues with helping those that feel like their eating is out of control. That they want to quit dieting, fighting with their body, and move towards a more supportive relationship with both their body and the food they eat.

What you’ll Learn in the Online Course

1) Strategies to create to a calm mental space with your body. Understand the weight-bias and fat-phobia that exists in our culture, our health-care system and within ourselves and how that impacts how we feel in our bodies and how we eat.

2) Understand the science of what body needs and how to understand what your own body needs. Learn nutrition information from a health professional that can cut through all the confusing information you’ve read on the internet.

3) Become a more intuitive eater and the skills to get there.

4) How food and emotions get linked together and how to create a way that you can love the food, share food with others, and still feel like you’re giving your body what it needs.

5) Learn strategies to manage emotional eating.

What You’ll Get in this Course

This will be a six week course offered online, with learning materials for each week.

You will have three live, 1 hour online group sessions with Jessica at weeks 1, 4 and 6. These group sessions will be recorded to be able to watch afterwards. During these sessions, you can ask all your questions and get the support you need. You can also have a much or as little anonymity as you like, your camera can be off, you can even pre-submit your questions.

What You’ll Give in this Course

We will be donating a portion of your tuition to the Canadian Feed the Children Program. Their mission is to take "a community-led approach to development, by working through local partners to help people achieve long-term change for children, families and communities. Our focus is on food security and education as catalysts of change, and capacity-building that ensures sustainability.”

There will be some early bird pricing for our first course, so sign up below to stay in touch!!