Client Reviews

I’m always impressed by Jessica knowledge of health and nutrition. She has educated me on many eating and food myths which have helped me look at food different. I like visiting Jess as she is calm and a good listener.I find she likes to build a relationships in order to understand your needs. Highly recommended
— Joanna B

I decided to reach out to Jessica to help me on my quest to regain a trimmer waistline. She paid close attention to what my goal was and helped me strive for a new and improved goal - that of total wellbeing and health. Prior I was focused on just dropping the pounds, without realizing that it is about FEELING BETTER, as well as looking better. With her help I’m now over the lack of morning energy I was feeling for years, and have a new appreciation for what the nutritional aspects of food do to my body. Her approach to longevity and a plan that fits a lifestyle change, not just a fad diet is a welcome change of pace, especially after realizing so many of us that have dropped weight, gained it back plus some a year later. Highly recommend Shift Nutrition to anyone that wants to look better, feel better, and stay better.
— Brett P.

If you’re confused about what to eat like I was, Shift Nutrition, is a fantastic resource! Dietitian, Jessica Begg, really took the time to get to know me and understand the issues I was having before developing a plan for me. Her suggestions were based on sound medical practices (not fad diets!) and fit into my life so it wasn’t a struggle to make changes. Her encouragement and support really made the experience positive. I would highly recommend Shift Nutrition!
— Tianna M.

It was lovely talking with Jessica. She gave me some great information and approached things from a position of trusting your body to know what it needs, rather than a place of deprivation.
— Kendra H.

Jessica is a very kind and personable individual. Having worked with Jessica personally, I can tell you that she is an amazing listener and is always creative in her approach at tailoring each client’s plan so that it suits their individual needs. I am consistently impressed by the knowledge and skill Jessica uses in her practice. Furthermore, Jessica brings passion and enthusiasm to every session. She is empathetic yet persuasive, and her encouraging style will make you feel at ease and motivated when working together towards a healthier you. Jessica is definitely one of the best in her field and I am honoured to have been able to work with her.
— Melissa L.

I have been struggling with digestive issues for over a year now and have tried many different paths to understand why I am so sensitive. I recently was at a specialist and came out even more confused and frustrated. I went in and chatted with Jessica a week after the specialist - she suggested a few modifications to what I was already doing. I have been feeling fantastic ever since! Jessica listened to what my concerns were, simplified it and created a plan that was perfect for me. Highly recommended!
— Allison N.

During my journey towards getting healthy, someone recommended speaking to Jessica Begg at Shift Nutrition. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Jessica made me feel comfortable discussing some uncomfortable and awkward stuff (eating habits, eating issues, etc.), and was very thoughtful in her analysis, while still managing to make me feel at ease and capable of working through the changes I needed to make with my disordered and restrictive eating, so I could normalize my intake patterns. She showed me visually how my meal plan would break down, and talked me through the process of what to expect. There were a few simple do’s and don’ts, and she made sure to allow a lot of flexibility, while also ensuring I never once felt guilty or upset about the problems I was working through with her.

I saw her for 3 sessions in total, with her promise to follow up in a few months to make sure I was still on track. Each session was comfortable, we discussed the meal plan, any problems I’d been having, any possible fixes we could implement, and most of all, she was able to put into perspective the reasons why we may internalize certain incorrect messages, and then reframe what we’re telling ourselves about body image/eating habits, making it a lot easier to approach eating in a healthy way, that wasn’t so fraught with risk.

Now, I’m eating in a normalized range, and certain foods don’t have the same scare/guilt factor they once did. I now know what it feels like to be hungry, and to have my metabolism working normally, and to have energy to burn. Overall, I’m a lot happier with my body than I used to be.

I’d recommend Shift Nutrition to anyone who needs to make a positive change to their relationship with food. Jessica’s a dream, and her service works wonders.
— Natasha L.

I heard about Jessica Begg from a friend who had a very good experience working with her. I was looking for nutritional support last year after I came back from a trip with a bad gastrointestinal parasite. Jessica at Shift Nutrition was a huge factor in helping me get better. She was incredibly knowledgeable and very focused on my individual needs. She asked lots of insightful questions and came up with a tailor-made plan to address my particular symptoms, and she updated the plan as I got better and my needs changed. Jessica is a very sympathetic and insightful nutritional and wellness counsellor, and I continued to see her even after I was rid of the parasite to resolve some lifelong eating habits. I highly recommend Jessica Begg to anyone looking for wellness and nutrition services!
— Pippa S.

While I am not a direct client of Jessica, I have seen first hand the positive effects that her nutritional counselling and therapeutic approach has had on my wife’s journey of recovery from a long standing eating disorder. Treating a person who has suffered numerous relapses is extremely challenging; the disordered thought patterns and symptoms of the eating disorder are so engrained and resistant to change but Jessica has been able to help my wife make some significant breakthroughs. My wife has been more receptive to treatment because Jessica has been able to establish a client-therapist relationship based on trust, support and non-judgement. She gently but firmly encourages my wife to push beyond her comfort level but supports her when she experiences setbacks. This relationship has been one of the keys to my wife’s progress thus far. After every session with Jessica, my wife always feels more energized and motivated to keep moving toward mutually agreed upon nutritional goals that are realistic, achievable, and healthy. I thank Jessica for her ongoing support in helping my wife on her journey towards recovery.
— Jim K.

Anyone who engages in disordered eating or who has an eating disorder knows how challenging it is to be open to treatment and help. It is very difficult to find the “right fit” with a therapist or consultant who is both widely knowledgable and experienced in this specialized field while at the same time, compassionate and understanding of the psychological aspects underlying the disorder that make treating eating disorders so complex. Jessica Begg is a registered dietician who combines all of these qualities.
I have struggled with an eating disorder for most of my adult life and feel very fortunate to be working with her as she helps me on my journey to making long lasting healthy changes. She has the breadth of knowledge to challenge my illogical eating disordered brain with facts that counter an engrained pattern of unhealthy thinking around food and nutrition. She does not simply rely on a “textbook” approach to treatment but considers the whole person, her background and personality in coming up with plan for wellness. Beyond her knowledge and experience, Jessica’s warmth and approachability are perhaps even more important factors in the effectiveness of the therapist/client relationship. While she encourages me to push beyond my comfort level to achieve my goals of more normalized eating and a healthier attitude around food and nutrition, Jessica is never judgmental when I experience a setback. Jessica knows when to be supportive and compassionate and when to gently push me past my self-imposed boundaries. This combination of knowledge, skills, and personal qualities of compassion and kindness is rare indeed and I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone seeking to make positive changes on their path to wellness.
— Deanna K.