Why Pick Shift Nutrition?

Why pick Shift Nutrition, Registered Dietitians in Vancouver

We specialize in treating those that are struggling with their eating. We help those that feel like they’ve tried everything and want to find a better way. This may be to stop getting on and off “the wagon”, to stop the diet cycle as they know the results are always the same. That they seek peace with their food and their body, and no longer want to agonize over what to eat.

All of our dietitians have a strong background in mental health. So while we understand nutrition, we use our other education and experience to ensure that we make recommendations and use strategies that support your emotional health, are sensitive the the connection between mood and food and helps to lower the stress in your day-to-day life.

In doing so, we aim to treat the whole person and their health issues that they present. We also make a conscious choice to provide a service that is supportive and inclusive to all bodies.

Our passion is helping our clients make comfortable and happy changes along their path to improved wellness. We are sensitive to the personal situations of each of our clients and offer non-judgmental encouragement and empowerment through knowledge.

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